Human Eye – They Came from the Sky

Recently unleashed from the Sacred Bones camp is the third full length from HUMAN EYE, lead by Timmy Vulgar who is also known to operate under names like Timmy’s Organism and the Clone Defects which ended in 2004.

Filled out with his usual familiar band mates, Vulgar and the gang created quite a slop-shit mess here. This demonic and totally unpredictable album is made up of fuzzy psych rock with a strange and punky sci-fi twist, which is nonetheless unique and beyond fitting for the ever-expanding Sacred Bones catalog. Opener “Alien Creeps” quickly makes this obvious with its mutilated guitars and bone-crushing primal drumming. The trashcan quality production only heightens their bizarre sound, illustrated nicely within the freakish intensity of the closing guitar licks of “Brain Zip”.

Coming shortly after that is “Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2”, where relentless bubbling textures and punchy power chords make up a song not nearly as strange as the title would suggest, however the lyrics are a different story. This one eventually breaks off into a spastic jungle jam with rollicking percussion that will leave you floored before moving back to it’s original, slurping formula. The buzzy, swirling backdrop gives this song (as well as the LP) an endlessly buggy and anxious vibe. And in case you didn’t hear Timmy, the martian queen now has a kid. This makes way for “Junkyard Heart”, which is totally ruthless in every possible form until the track morphs into a slow burning acid jam, lasting all of thirty seconds and then they’re right back on their staggering pace.

This is followed by the scuzzy “The Movie Was Real”, where mutated punk rock with a pounding rhythm makes way for jagged tin can guitars that will skin you alive. At this point you should realize just how vulnerable this edgy music makes you feel, proving my point perfectly within the catastrophic ending of “Serpent Shawdow” or “We Are the Peopleoids”. This leaves us with one final slow-growing psyched-out rager that transforms into a stomping massacre, consisting of mangled textures and fuzzy, humidity stricken guitars that have no other goal but to melt faces. And they do just that. In the end this album is a total mutation of punk rock and needs to be embraced for its artful tendencies that you may have never seen coming.

Alien Creeps –

Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2 –

We Are the Peopleoids –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Psychedelic, Experimental
They Came from the Sky: Tracklist:
1.) Alien Creeps
2.) Brain Zip (Kickin’ Back in the Electric Chair)
3.) Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2
4.) Junkyard Heart
5.) The Movie Was Real
6.) Serpent Shadow
7.) We Are the Peopleoids
8.) They Came from the Sky

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