Thick Shakes – Deep Pockets

Hailing from the never-ending pool of bands in Boston comes THICK SHAKES. This three piece “garage slop” band just finished putting the final touches on their new digital single “Deep Pockets”.

They just set these tracks free on July 7th, so it doesn’t get much fresher than this. They also come off the heel of their last effort, the “Why Buy the Cow” 7″, however these new ones do their overexcited and corrupted sound even more justice than the previous. “Deep Pockets” is a swinging jammer with a pliable shuffling rhythm, where shortly into the track you’ll find yourself tapping along and keeping the time as it sucks you in. Their confusing and melted sound is characterized by kaleidoscopic and bubbly organs which go a long way to give this song it’s hazy psychedelic qualities, while crunchy guitars and splashy drumming do the rest of the work and round this one out as pure garage rock. Now that it’s over, good luck trying to shake this one from your head – somehow this energetic shuffle keeps you coming back for more.

Now focusing on the two minute slow burner “Gimme Time”, this one features reassuring lyrics and more fatigued organs which continue to trail at your feet like a brand new puppy dog. Riding on top of a primal tom-beat rhythm, this one sounds like you could cook eggs out on the sidewalk because it’s so uncomfortably hot and humid, a quality that stems from both feverish bass lines and the exhausted organs. Now hear it for yourself right below and don’t forget to check out their Bandcamp page.

Deep Pockets –

Gimme Time –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Pop
Deep Pockets: Tracklist:
1.) Deep Pockets
2.) Gimme Time

BUY the digital single directly from Bandcamp
Thick Shakes – Official Website

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