The Energy – Get Split

Hailing from Houston with their invigorating new LP “Get Split” on Team Science Records, THE ENERGY are a spastic band you might want to keep on your radar from this point on.

The first and most important thing you should know here is that everything about this album is relentless, from the blazing guitar solos that screech and squeal to the ripping rhythms of drums and bass, these guys have no trouble reducing everything in their path to a worthless rubble – and that’s all part of their plan.

Opening track “Live in Ruin” quickly sets the speed of this record high up on the bar, so right away you should know whether or not this one will be for you. This might sound cliche, but there’s really nothing that more accurately embodies their sound than their name. And it’s not clear where all of this energy is coming from, however the only thing that matters is that these guys channel it thoroughly into their recordings. If that wasn’t obvious in a song like “Live in Ruin” than “Thinking Cameras” should seal the deal.

Lead singer Arthur Bates sounds both half-sung and half-spoken at different points throughout. He sometimes comes off a bit dull in sound but never because of his morbid and erratic lyrics, because he attempts to squeeze and shove words into the smallest places at break neck speeds. One prime example of this comes in “Dog Teeth” with it’s crazy fast rhythm, sounding partially sloppy but somehow working out in the end. Then there’s a minute and a half sprawler like “Small-Blinds” that only looks to destroy as they create these strange progressive vibes that seem to stretch outward beyond punk rock. Blazing guitars and a gut-busting rhythm section won’t take no for an answer, happening similarly in another song like “Roach Spray”. This one features awesome switch ups between pummeling rhythms and fiery guitar leads, ultimately showing what these four boys are capable of even at the most lethal speeds – they find a way to make it work. If these songs below aren’t enough, head over to their Bandcamp page where you can check out the rest of the album and be sure to keep an eye on these bros.

Live in Ruin –

Thinking Cameras –

Roach Spray –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Garage Rock
Get Split: Tracklist:
1.) Live in Ruin
2.) Thinking Cameras
3.) I Can’t Stand Up
4.) Mini-Blinds
5.) Cross-Eyed
6.) Part-Bitch
7.) Dog Teeth
8.) Roach Spray
9.) Wastin’ Tape

BUY the LP directly from Team Science Records
The Energy on Bandcamp

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