Purling Hiss – Lounge Lizards EP

Released by the folks at Mexican Summer, they can now add this one to their ever-growing prolific catalog of sludge and grime, this time from Philadelphia’s own PURLING HISS.

Released recently in a first pressing of 1,000 copies, Mike Polizze once again does what he does best – create snarling acid rock buried by metallic and equally vintage tape-hiss qualities with the mangled complexion of a twenty car pile up. This collection of songs now known as “Lounge Lizards” almost sounds like it could have come from before the days of “Public Service Announcement“, but I wouldn’t say it’s backtracking in any form – more like trying to keep parts of the past intact with these heavily textured and wall-like monstrosities. However this is certainly a unique sound that Polizze continues to deliver and it keeps you wondering what else this dude could possibly have up his sleeve.

Immediate highlights like “The Hoodoo” feature mutilated power chords pushed by a pulsating bass, covered in plenty of scuzzy filth which reveals shrilling vocal howls throughout. Another one that is somewhat congruent to that is “Been Teased”, which supplies more power chord driven madness which is great for flying down the highway late at night. On the opposite, slow burners like “Voices” and “City Special” offer grueling paces with so much overwhelming fuzz it makes the air thick and sultry, eventually rounded out with nasty guitar licks that are right on par for Purling Hiss. The final track “Karaoke Nite” employs a continuous vocal yelp and the usual murky textures, like something is swimming just below the surface and you barely get a chance to make anything out as it dashes by. Now go out and snag this thing before it’s gone and you won’t have to worry about not having one – kind of like I’m doing right now.

Voices –

The Hoodoo –

Midnight Man –

Been Teased –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Acid Rock, Lo-Fi
Lounge Lizards EP: Tracklist:
1.) Voices
2.) The Hoodoo
3.) Midnight Man
4.) Been Teased
5.) City Special
6.) Karaoke Nite

BUY the 12″ directly from Insound – limited to 1000 !
Purling Hiss on Facebook

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