Slug Guts/ Primitive Calculators – Ugly Pumping Muscle 7″

Released by the Sweet Rot label in Vancouver, BC comes an interesting 7″ consisting of revered Australian post-punk band PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS, backed with a cover of the same song from Sacred Bones’ SLUG GUTS.

Considering both bands originated in Australia, it’s hard not to assume that Slug Guts take Primitive Calculators as an influence. The coolest part is they do their forefathers some serious justice in covering their ravaging track “Ugly Pumping Muscle” by giving it their own dark and possessed twist. Even cooler is the fact that NONE of the three songs on this 7″ were ever previously released, meaning they’re now seeing daylight for the very first time, dating as far back as 1979. The Primitive Calculators version comes from a recording session in their practice space from the bands home in Fitzroy, Melbourne, while the live version was recorded in 2009 after their reunion show at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Melbourne. Now you can hear both versions below and waste away in the spiraling, desolate post-punk affair right below.

Ugly Pumping Muscle (Primitive Calculators) –

Ugly Pumping Muscle (Slug Guts) –

My Rating: 6.6/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Australian, Covers
Ugly Pumping Muscle 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Ugly Pumping Muscle (Primitive Calculators)
2.) Ugly Pumping Muscle (Slug Guts cover)
3.) Ugly Pumping Muscle (Primitive Calculators live)

BUY this 7″ directly from Insound
Primitive Calculators – Official Website
Slug Guts on Sacred Bones

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