Computer Magic – Electronic Fences EP

Coming from our new friends at the White Iris label in Los Angeles/ New York is the first physical release from COMPUTER MAGIC, the sci-fi obsessed synth conductor, otherwise known as Danz, from Brooklyn, New York.

On record Danz calls all the shots, from composing the synths and writing the songs to singing the lyrics. On stage in a live setting, she fills out her band with three new members James Morley, Justin Coles and Chris Egan to aid her, each covering guitar, bass and drums respectively. With her first physical release, this EP serves up a cool and refreshing blend of indie rock and synth pop, combining both electronic and instrumental elements.

Self-titled opener “Electronic Fences” is driven by a sweeping rhythm and looping synths with a constant guitar pluck, eventually breaking off into cooing vocals with Arabian influenced instrumentals. When all of these elements come together you’ll find yourself immersed in the mix, guided by Danz and her chilling robotic vocals as she flows with the rhythm. Coming along at a similar pace, “Found Out” features nasally bass lines underneath glossy synth textures. Glimmering leads simultaneously swirl and expand until the very last note, which eventually fades into the bouncy and even slower paced “About You”.

Hear you’ll find serenading vocals following a lush and lazy beat, culminating into a shiny world of orchestral bliss for a glowing and delightful three minutes. Last but not least, “Running” comes in at just the right time to steal the show. Following a similar complexion to everything prior, icy sounds are driven by a glitchy synth hook, broadened by sun drenched guitar chords with absolutely perfect placement to make for a rapturous and vivid finish. This track sums up this colorful and lively release better than any other song included, which is exactly why I’ve left it below for your consideration. Pick up this EP now while you still have the chance, which is limited to 1,000 on white vinyl and comes with a free poster if you order now!

Electronic Fences –

Running –

My Rating: 7.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Indie Rock
Electronic Fences EP: Tracklist:
1.) Electronic Fences
2.) Found Out
3.) About You
4.) Running

BUY directly from Insound – 1000 on white vinyl & comes w/ a free poster !
PREORDER the upcoming “End of Time” 7″ from Rough Trade
Computer Magic on Tumblr

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