Charles Albright – Weight 7″

The third vinyl offering from Mr. CHARLES ALBRIGHT comes from Permanent Records in Chicago. This gives us an early taste on how his debut full length should sound, which is due this coming Fall.

A-side “Weight” is unforeseen for one main reason, that being the songs absence of percussion. However, the track still manages to make up for that and be stunningly propulsive, due to both Albrights manic howling and punk rock fueled riffage which looks to replace the missing fury that would otherwise be present. If it weren’t for the B-side, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine “Weight” with percussion, which almost works in a way that you must retrace your footsteps after listening through one time to get the full effect. After hearing the B-side it’s much easier to understand what could have been and what he was aiming for.

With the B-side “I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out)”, Albright now brings his visions into full development, formed with fiery guitar soloing and a thrashing rhythm section which seeks to annihilate. Albright yelps at the top of his lungs which makes for a wincing screech, which is amazingly complementary to his shrieking guitar which by the end couldn’t possibly be more mutilated than it already is. This unexpected single is certainly something of musical value, but come this Fall we should get an even bigger picture. Fingers crossed for that one.

Weight –

I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out) –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Garage Rock
Weight 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Weight
2.) I Am the Counter Culture (Drop Out)

BUY the 7″ ONLY through Permanent Records – 300 hand-numbered copies !
Albrights personal Myspace (no music)

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