Slutever – Pretend to Be Nice 7″

Philadelphia’s own brat-punk duo SLUTEVER have been doing their own thing for awhile now and it’s beginning to pay off. They released their debut 7″, are hopefully about to embark on a national tour, and lately their music has appeared on the likes of satellite radio.

Their first 7″ was released recently by Bantic Media, a student-run record label out of Drexel University in Philadelphia. As for Slutever, this is their first official release of any sort to hit the record shelves, packed to the brim with four thick and nasty songs of purely crusty garage-pop. Not to be confused with the Slutever blogspot, this duo takes on a grungy and alarmingly heavy sound, complemented by mounds of ecstatic zeal that radiates from both Nicole and Rachel, which couldn’t work out more perfectly for their bands contaminated image.

Also contaminated are the songs themselves, which couldn’t sound more disheveled and mangled than they already do. Opener “RIP Maple” looks to put you on your ass right from the first note, with staggering guitar chords obstructing your thoughts for a solid two minutes. Pounding drums and smashing cymbals continue to pummel right underneath, barely letting you get away by the skin of your teeth. The end result is a near ten minutes of power-pop fury buried in gritty guitar reverberation and by the end you won’t emerge unscathed, but rather begging for a second chance of retribution. Check out three-quarters of the 7″ below and snag it while you still can.

PS – Be a doll and help Slutever raise money for their upcoming US tour. They’re awfully close!!

RIP Maple –

I Can Dream the Rest Away –

So Prone –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop
Pretend to Be Nice 7″: Tracklist:
1.) RIP Maple
2.) I Can Dream the Rest Away
3.) So Prone
4.) No Offense

BUY the 7″ directly from Bantic Media
HELP Slutever reach their goal on Kickstarter !!!
Slutever on Facebook

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