White Denim – D

Last we heard from WHITE DENIM was an albums worth of free music that they randomly released on their website. Now they’re finally back with their fourth official full length from the Downtown Records label and begin touring on June 16th.

Clearly White Denim went into this new record with a clean slate. They have exponentially broadened and re-visioned their already stunning sound into something fresh and distant from previous efforts, while still balancing everything to keep the past in mind. The addition of a fourth member (guitarist Austin Jenkins) adds great depth to a sound you probably previously never thought needed it – unless of course, you wanted warm and layered results like these. The now four-piece band takes on a totally relentless and unsettling form of garage rock with various eclectic influences (ranging from jazz, blues, folk, country and psych to name a few), where songs like “At the Farm” and “River to Consider” will prove such statements. Focusing a bit more on “At the Farm”, this track employs spiraling guitars and frenzied percussion that defies the laws of gravity – what we’re trying to say is, all drummers should strive to be more like Josh Block.

Once you’re finished marveling over that you will be able to move further into the album. Skipping to “Anvil Everything”, this is another prolific track to display the new White Denim sound (and their new guitarist!). There’s so much happening at one moment that it could easily prove to be overwhelming to some listeners. Spastic guitars and scarily complementary drumming will leave you beside yourself as this track unfolds. In the process, White Denim still effortlessly manage to throw game-changing curve balls to keep any posers off their trail as they continue to be increasingly tricky in the patterns of their songs. “Drug” is another one that fits in here, as lead singer James Petralli croons with confidence, leaving you slightly alarmed with his creepily high pitches. Around the two minute mark the song begins morphing without the slightest indication, suddenly leaving you in the midst of an electrified guitar solo that came from nowhere.

Another album highlight reveals itself with “Bess St.”, where guitar chords will ignite your soul with an infectious spark to get you up and moving. The unforeseen changes about halfway through the track alters their ultimate goal, kind of like taking the long way home instead of being lazy and going with the simple shortcuts. Just pay attention to be sure you catch all the changes – otherwise it’s like being totally blindsided and you won’t know how they got there.

It’s Him! –

At the Farm –

Anvil Everything –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Alternative, Experimental
D: Tracklist:
1.) It’s Him!
2.) Burnished
3.) At the Farm
4.) Street Joy
5.) Anvil Everything
6.) River to Consider
7.) Drug
8.) Bess St.
9.) Is and Is and Is
10.) Keys

BUY the LP directly from Insound
White Denim – Official Website

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