The Eeries – Comes Alive 7″

Our Philadelphia-based friends THE EERIES are putting the finishing touches on their first vinyl release, which should be available from the Evil Weevil label on the 14th of June.

Clean cut and devoid of any lo-fi crunch that you might expect from your usual “basement” band, The Eeries take a careful and buttoned down approach to organized indie rock with a side helping of bluesy twang to mix things up. The high-pitched vocals are easily understood as opposed to the tons of other music we cover around here, coming to life as the band backs lead singer Mike Kreibel, giving the vocal aspect of this single plenty of substance. Aside from that there’s still plenty more substance to be heard, like the twangin’ solo in “Like You Do” that keeps you swaying along to the focused beat or just the sheer honesty that comes through in these four songs.

A few of these innocent gems have been rerecorded and bulked up for the 7″ from their original cassette tape versions, one of which we covered back this past September. As for now, the Eeries are preparing to embark on their tour for the new 7″, which begins June 16th at the Hong Kong Garden in Philadelphia.

Listen Baby –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock
Comes Alive 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Walk You Home
2.) Like You Do
3.) I Don’t Care
4.) Listen Baby

BUY the 7″ on June 14th from Evil Weevil
The Eeries on Facebook
The Eeries on Bandcamp

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