The Whines – Shootinhead 7″

Covering our first release from the Mt. St. Mtn. label, this is THE WHINES first effort since their latest LP “Hell to Play”. Hailing from Portland, OR, this rackety trio is just wrapping up the final dates of their current tour.

The Whines have laid down two exclusive tracks for this new 7″. They both come off as increasingly crunchy and rough around the edges with gloomy female vocals, and simple description doesn’t really do it any justice. “Shootinhead” features morbid lyrics and easily flows through the first half, eventually culminating right before your ears into an abrasive wall of psyched out rage with screeching guitar monstrosities, trembling basses and manic drumming. On the B-side, “Straybird” follows along with a similar pattern. Shredded guitars lazily roll along with edgy psych tendencies as everything slowly gets heavier, revealing a gritty harmonica which adds an unexpected country-folk flare to the mix and somehow results in an inexplicably breezy feel. Karianne and her troubled vocals complement the crusty guitars, sounding significantly more somber this time around. If psych-pop with staggering noise is your specialty, this one will strike a soft spot. Go get one now before it’s gone forever!

Shootinhead –

Straybird –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Noise Rock
Shootinhead 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Shootinhead
2.) Straybird

BUY this 7″ directly from Mt. St. Mtn – send them an e-mail, limited to 300 !
The Whines on Myspace

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