The Twerps – Black Eyes 7″

THE TWERPS hail from Melbourne, Australia, not to be confused with the other Twerps band that shows up when Googled. This 7″ is one of two already released this year, this one coming from the Underwater Peoples label and the other Group Tightener.

Released by the Underwater Peoples just this past March, the Twerps take on a calm and gentle approach to indie rock, with kindly warming pop and minimal folk tinges to make their dreamy sound their very own. The clear and buoyant guitars give songs a cool and breezy atmosphere, most noticeable in the opener “Black Eyes”. Their sound is exceptionally sunny and without a doubt perfect for this time of year, which makes you wonder just how gorgeous the weather must be in Australia all the time.

Complementing their gentle approach would be the subtlety in their songs, where guitars and textures suddenly emerge without the slightest hint. In both “Black Eyes” and “Self Assured”, the song breaks off into a hazy guitar fuzz that adds a blistering layer of heat that will quickly catch your attention and then keep you immersed. The only problem is the closing track “Without You” doesn’t hit that same mark and you might quickly lose focus just as quickly as you had it. Instead of supplying that same subtle rage, they took a step back and went with an even softer approach that unmistakably combines with lyrics like “Hold me, squeeze me, don’t let me fall,” and “I want to fade into you.” While this doesn’t follow the same structure of the previous two songs, it still shows how these guys can vary their sound, which is always a reassuring quality.

Black Eyes –

Self Assured –

My Rating: 7.1/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Pop
Black Eyes 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Black Eyes
2.) Self Assured
3.) Without You

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound
The Twerps on Bandcamp !

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