The Hussy – Cement Tomb Mind Control

Recent inbox-favorites THE HUSSY are about to drop their album “Cement Tomb Mind Control” from the Slow Fizz label out of Chicago, and this raging two piece won’t take no for an answer. Led by Bobby Hussy (the man behind Kind Turkey Records) and Heather Hussy, this is their first full length LP.

For starters, this friendly bonded band hails from Madison, Wisconsin. They spent the last two years putting this LP together for us, doing the bulk of the recording at home in the basement (the “Cement Tomb”). You might already be familiar with this duo from one of their earlier 7″ singles, but now they’re back with something bigger and better and clearly their hard work has paid off. They’re going on tour through May and June in support of this new LP, so be sure to catch the madness if they’re coming to your town – dates here.

This is hard hitting garage rock with a playful attitude, almost always coming through with the scuzziest guitars which are as abrasive as sandpaper (“Pushin’ My Luck”). This guy and gal are constantly fuming with ecstatic energy from all sides, whether it’s in the jangly drumming or metallic guitars. While garage rock would be the basis of their music, they use a good bit of pop-punk inflections in their approach, but no matter what it’s always devoid of any bullshit and fluff. These short and catchy songs (“Wrong/ Right”) get right to the point without wasting any time, proving these guys know exactly what sound they’re going for and seemingly achieve their goals without ever breaking a sweat. Songs tend to start somewhat easy and then suddenly spiral out of control, much like their cover art illustrates, usually with blazing solos or an enormous guitar hook.

Songs like “Lymes (New Turk)” are introduced with said huge hooks and dismantle everything in their path, with a messy raucous following behind, best experienced at the loudest volumes. “Have a Say” is another staggering standout, with a raging attitude constantly on the edge of destruction, summing it all up in less than two minutes with a fiery solo. You need to pay close attention while letting this LP play out, because if you don’t listen closely you’re bound to miss all the good stuff. “Wrong/ Right” is another gem included, having a purely innocent vibe with scratchy guitars, giving you the irresistible urge to sway along with the sloppy rhythm as it brings you to your happy place. In the end you’ll learn this is LP is overflowing with all sorts of surprises, four of which you can hear right below. You can hear even more from the record by checking out their Bandcamp page now.

Sexi Ladi –

Wrong/ Right –

Lymes (New Turk) –

Brown Eyes –

My Rating: 8.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Lo-Fi
Cement Tomb Mind Control: Tracklist:
1.) I’m Me
2.) Babychild
3.) Sexi Ladi
4.) Wrong/ Right
5.) Demon Claus
6.) Peace, Bro
7.) Pavement
8.) Lymes (New Turk)
9.) Odd Duck
10.) Oh No
11.) Have a Say
12.) Brown Eyes
13.) Pushin’ My Luck

BUY the LP directly from Slow Fizz in Chicago !
The Hussy on Facebook
The Hussy on Bandcamp – listen to more !

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