Föllakzoid – Föllakzoid EP

You’ve got to admit, we’ve been loving this stuff from Chile as of late. Here’s another EP from FÖLLAKZOID, who share some members from other Chilean bands we’ve recently covered, from the Sacred Bones camp.

Chances are if you liked The Holydrug Couple EP we covered a few weeks back, then this stuff here will also be right up your alley. Part of that being because both bands share Ives Sepulveda in their lineup, covering vocals and guitars in Holydrug and then solely holding down the guitars in Föllakzoid, while J.P Rodriguez takes the vocals this time around. The EP lasts about twenty singeing minutes, with two ten minute tracks, one being on each side of the vinyl.

The A-side “IV, III, II, I” is divided up into four segments, each one with a subtle difference from the other. They change up rhythm and attitude while still managing to stick to their core sound, but it’s done with much finesse that requires your undivided attention to keep track of it all. The hair raising guitars have a creepy undertone while the propulsive bass line drives the song for the first segment, until about 3:31 in when they change it up. During the second leg they begin to pick up momentum and get louder, as the guitars continue to creep while the bass gets nearly funky underneath. This paves way for the third segment, which begins around 5:17. Rattlesnake percussion and an alarmingly dire tone threatens in this section, which might end up with you in an immensely spiritual mindset. They begin to wrap up around 7:36, when the sweltering guitars come through with an abrasive haze, forcing you to believe that was a highly distracting and dynamic ten minutes.

B-side “Arabic-Hash” has a whole different mindset for the first three minutes. It’s much slower paced and relaxed, with twangy underwater guitars and a menacing rhythm. It then morphs into a primal sounding radio transmission with rippled textures, dizzying electronics and crystal clear guitar leads. It slowly builds intensity without you even realizing, but never changes significantly from here on out. Now see what you think after listening to the A-side below, then check their Myspace because you can hear an excerpt of the B-side (amongst other things).

IV, III, II, I –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Experimental, Trance
Föllakzoid EP: Tracklist:
1.) IV, III, II, I
2.) Arabic-Hash

BUY the EP directly from Insound – sold out on Sacred Bones !
Föllakzoid on Myspace

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