The Paperhead – The Paperhead

THE PAPERHEAD just released their debut album from the Trouble in Mind label, capturing a seemingly lost psychedelic sound of the 60’s and 70’s. They take on a scarily authentic approach, which only becomes more perplexing after learning it’s done by three eighteen year old dudes from Nashville.

One easy way to start would be to say this sounds exactly like what the cover art illustrates – lysergic haziness, with a colorfully confusing filter forcing you to decipher everything as it comes. There’s heavy influences of prime-time era psychedelic names, bringing notable figures like Syd Barrett and Kaleidoscope to the table. The glowing guitar hooks give songs their hazy qualities, which is ultimately filled out by looping electronics, swirling light flashes and creepily whispered vocals which sound way too close for comfort. Tracks have a warm and deeply layered feel, which stems from everything that’s constantly throbbing and vibrating within the surprisingly ethnic rhythms. In the end this proves there’s plenty of substance to these songs as they manage to stay consistent and serve up these bizarre sounds, but at the same time there seems to be lack of focus as the album plays outs.

Going back to past references, a song like “Do You Ever Think of Me?” screams Syd Barrett solo recordings, while a track like “Easy Living” is literally the sound of confusion – sorry Spacemen 3. “Can’t Keep My Eyes Open” is a six minute jammer with an infectious, surf-inflected guitar riff that leads the song into whimsical obscurity as everything begins floating upward. Wonky bass lines gurgle beneath their increasingly peculiar sound, which will eventually leave you with sudden amnesia as everything drifts away. It’s extremely easy to get lost in these repetitious, acid-induced psych jams, so we’ve left you with a few to check out below.

Let Me Know –

Back to Those Days –

Can’t Keep My Eyes Open –

Do You Ever Think of Me? –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Experimental, Lo-Fi
The Paperhead: Tracklist:
1.) Let Me Know
2.) Excerpt from Simon’s 1
3.) Evergreen Tangerine
4.) Back to Those Days
5.) Can’t Keep My Eyes Open
6.) Easy Living
7.) Do You Ever Think of Me?
8.) Excerpt from Simon’s 2
9.) Getting Older
10.) Come Again?
11.) Wisdom
12.) He’s Mirrored

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The Paperhead on Myspace

5 thoughts on “The Paperhead – The Paperhead

  1. This one helluva album, I love it. First checked them out a few weeks ago & have listened to this album every day since. Also heard 2 songs from their first album under the name The Looking Glass and both those songs were excellent, but cannot find that album to buy anywhere. It might be sold somewhere on cassette, but I don’t own a cassette player. If anyone has any info on this first album with the diff band name, pls say so!! Cheers, Terri

  2. We’ll be reissuing The Paperhead’s debut cassette (when they were still called ‘The Looking Glass’) on vinyl in June – keep your eyes peeled (or sign up for our mailing list on our website!) One-time pressing of 500!

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