Bozmo – Golden Feeling

HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! Bo from BOZMO sent over this single for our consideration, and we’re glad he decided to do that. These dudes hail from Boston in the thick of all the goodness that’s brewing up there and they seem to be onto something with their vigorous pop-punk.

Give this single a quick listen through and your first concern should be that it’s not long enough, as these two songs just leave you begging for more. Don’t worry though, because they’ve got a full length in the works for us – it’s called “Hosanna in the Highest”. But this is hard-hitting garage punk with a confident pop flare that’s just overflowing with energy. And they’re fueled by drugs a little more than you might expect. They’re right up in your face with crisp drumming, gritty guitar fuzz and abrasive bass lines scratching everything like sandpaper. The frantic vocals of “Golden Feeling” reach a shockingly high pitch at times leaving you completely bewildered, which makes way for the witty lyrics of “Milksnakes.” Anybody else hear a little Hallelujah the Hills in the singing or is that just me?

“Milksnakes” is a solid song, hitting like another forceful wall of garage-punk ruthlessness, but they manage to keep things under control despite the energy oozing out the sides. Lead singer Bo Moore sings about crust punks with credit cards, rich parents with mansions in Connecticut and being stuck in middle school for life with a mismatched pair of shoes – which goes a long way in cooking up an unwanted but scarily familiar scenario in your mind. The song wraps up on a bizarre looping guitar chord with mangled shreds filling out the open space while a bouncy bass presses on beneath the madness. This should ultimately result in you replaying the song at least one more time, but sit tight until mid May and “Hosanna in the Highest” will be ready for the masses.

PS – It’s Record Store Day, so get the fuck out and support your records stores, will ya? We wouldn’t be happy if you weren’t.

Golden Feeling –

Milksnakes –

My Rating: 8.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk
Golden Feeling: Tracklist:
1.) Golden Feeling
2.) Milksnakes

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