Xray Eyeballs – Crystal 7″

Here’s the last 7″ from the most recent batch of goods from the Hozac folk. It’s the XRAY EYEBALLS, whose only other recordings came from Night People and Party Store on cassette tapes. That certainly won’t be all though, because they have a full length due out soon enough via Kanine Records.

As far as this 7″ goes, it IS the precursor to what we’ll hear on “Not Nothing”, which is the full length due out on Kanine on April 19th. You’ll find the same three songs included on this 7″, along with the same obscure, dark and eccentric approach to their fuzzy sound. Featuring members from San Francisco bands like Golden Triangle, this music is unique in the weirdest way possible, because it’s equally woozy and scuzzy at the same time. All three songs are immediately catchy, and if there was a genre for music that sounds like it hadn’t bathed in three weeks, this would be it. Imagine pulling out your refrigerator for the first time in a few years and you see all the shit on the floor that fell behind and collected dust. That is Xray Eyeballs, as degrading as that sounds.

Opener “Crystal” is a dirty break-up song of sorts that originally started out as a song about girls who did too much crystal meth. Interesting? I think so. Read more about that here in this highly intriguing interview with headman O.J. San Felipe, and snag that free download of “Crystal” while you’re there. So whether it’s the freakishly hair-raising squeal of “Kamsing Nights”, their oddly mutated sound, or just their dry and crunchy guitars, there’s definitely something good brewing here. Now check these repulsive jams below.

Crystal –

Kamsing Nights –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, New Wave, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk
Crystal 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Crystal
2.) Broken Beds
3.) Kamsing Nights

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – limited to 500 !
PRE-ORDER “Not Nothing” from Insound – due out Apr. 19th !
Xray Eyeballs on Facebook
Xray Eyeballs on Bandcamp

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