Song of the Day #8

I’m sure there’s not much more I could say about KING TUFF’S “Was Dead” that hasn’t already been said, but when the new repress came through my doors yesterday there really wasn’t anything else I wanted to hear. Now I’m going to hopefully transfer that addiction over in your direction because if you haven’t heard this stuff yet, it could just be the best record from 2008 (excluding this one here).  Kyle Thomas arguably restores substance to the all-encompassing genre of rock with his 60’s and 70’s dance-influenced rock and roll, evoking an equally positive spirit paired with the notion to get up and just fuckin’ dance the night away. The last time I heard a record where all 13-fucking-tracks were just as good as the last was probably… well, never. Okay, maybe just one other time. Clearly that is an exaggerated statement.

If the thought of wanting to buy this record even crosses your mind in the least bit, DO IT NOW, or forever regret the decision. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Just Strut –

Get it here: The Colonel Records, DON’T SLEEP, SRSLY
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Glam

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