Moon Duo Live in Philadelphia (03/25/11)

Who?: Moon Duo
Where?: Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA
When?: March 25th, 2011

Yesterday was kind of a boring day until I found out at the last minute that MOON DUO were playing last night at Kung Fu Necktie. Despite feeling completely sick, I decided not to waste the opportunity to catch the propulsive psyched-out duo surpass everyone’s expectations. These guys just dropped their brand new album “Mazes” on Sacred Bones, and last night they dropped plenty of jaws at KFN. Below is a solid batch of videos from the show, spanning over just about twenty minutes in length, so don’t miss out! Also included is the self-titled brand new track “Mazes”, along with “Dead West” from their “Killing Time” EP.

Run Around – To kick off their show, Moon Duo went with a track from the newly released “Mazes”, which was definitely appropriate for the night. As the show played out, they balanced out their set with songs from their entire discography, including some from “Escape” as well as their “Killing Time” EP.

Stumbling 22nd Street – This is the third track from their Woodsist release “Escape”. When these guys are playing up on stage, it’s pretty easy to be totally mesmerized by their intoxicating sound. It just kind of sucks you in and never loosens it’s grasp until the very last second. Take note as Ripley absolutely shreds away like there’s nothing else happening in the world.

Dead West – You can find this track included on their 2009 Sacred Bones EP “Killing Time”, and you can hear it right below. This one blends relentless, shape-shifting guitar fuzz with glistening, poppy keyboards that are sure to please. Their minimalistic light show is pretty sick if I do say so myself.

Motorcycle, I Love You – This was the final song of the night, again coming from their Woodsist release “Escape”. The guitars cut like sharp little daggers with every note, before finally knocking you right on your ass from all of the fiery soloing. It might just be me, but Ripley definitely looks like a dude who would ride a motorcycle. I’d have to guess he named this song.

So after that it was all said and done. Before I left Kung Fu Necktie I had one last goal in mind, and that was to snag “Mazes” from their merch table before I left the bar. Unfortunately for me, they had freshly sold out. Bummer. What that means for you is: if you’re seeing Moon Duo in your town, buy that shit early on. Or just pre-order it with the link below 😉 Check out the surprisingly poppy new track “Mazes” below, and we’ll see you all next week!

Mazes –

Dead West –

PRE-ORDER “Mazes” directly from Insound – ships March 29th !
BUY the “Escape” 12″ while you’re at it, from the Woodsist folk
MOON DUO – Official Website

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