Song of the Day #7

Mississippi punk duo BASS DRUM OF DEATH have their debut full length hitting the shelves April 12th from Fat Possum and Inflated Records, collectively.

These guys come from the Cats Purring Collective just like Dead Gaze, which just goes to show all the talent that’s constantly brewing down there. Together John and Colin recorded this album in a series of basements, and upon listening this immediately becomes obvious. Their buzzy sound is buried in reverb and as frantic and energetic as can be, but at the same time dynamic because each track of the album reveals something new, but it’s not like this sound is groundbreaking by any means – they’re just good at it. They take the usual destructive approach to garage-punk, singing about heathenish things like trying to score with religious girls. Awesome? Certainly. Check out the opening track “Nerve Jamming” now.

Nerve Jamming –

Get it here: Insound
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk

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