Love Boat – Sliding Deck 7″

For their fifth official release, Shit Music for Shit People looked towards the caffeinated power pop of Italian garage rockers LOVE BOAT. This trio originated in Sardinia back in 2006, surrounded by countless friends and endless supplies of beer at their bathroom shows, and this is where they ended up.

Four new songs come etched on this 7″, each one taking a slightly different approach than the other, but they keep the basis of their music in mind at all times. “Sliding Deck” is an instrumental number that sets the tone for the single, having a country-western or folky sound within their tight and twangy guitars. “Song About Flying Sebadas” is about as poppy as it gets on this single, featuring fiery guitar solos and jangly chords that are overflowing with good-time party vibes. “You Know I Really Want To” feels more like a pop-punk song with a straight rock and roll vibe, and the climax comes in the blazing guitar solo right after the halfway mark. By now you should just the good times roll, because that’s exactly what they’re going for. “I’m Alright” is another addicting garage jam, and by the time it’s over chances are you’ll be restarting this one from the beginning. This music is highly infectious and upbeat, and we’re willing to bet you’d think the same.

Sliding Deck –

You Know I Really Want You –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Power-Pop, Blues Rock
Sliding Deck 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Sliding Deck
2.) Song About Flying Sebadas
3.) You Know I Really Want You
4.) I’m Alright

BUY the 7″ from Shit Music for Shit People – limited to 300 on various colors !
Love Boat on Myspace

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