Mi Ami – Dolphins

By now you may have heard MI AMI figuratively traded in their past ways for a whole new lifestyle – the approach from “Steal Your Face” and everything prior is now a thing of the past. Their new sound was first illustrated on the “Ital’s Theme” 12″ we covered, only things seem a bit more experimental this time around.

Before this, Daniel Martin-McCormick was aching to shove his words down our throats. Now he sounds like he’s singing from inside the worlds smallest bathroom, kind of like a combination of his words echoing (or vibrating) whenever he’s singing. Although he sounds mangled, he’s still wailing with fury – and STILL aching to shove his words down our throat, which should remind you that this is still Mi Ami. If you’re a bit upset that they went with the change, at least this one ferocious element of their sound remains intact. And if you think about it, they traded in their traditional instruments for new electronics, but they’re still using them in the same way that they would before to create music. In other words, the results seem similar – minus the basses and guitars, and add in the electronics. Your result would now be “Dolphins”.

If you can recall the “Ital’s Theme” record we covered back in February, that’s where it seems like most of the idea from “Dolphins” stemmed from. The main difference would be that there are vocals this time around, but the songs here don’t seem like they were sticking to a formula like they were with Ital. The Ital record seemed to be going more for a specific sound, while to me, the stuff on “Dolphins” seems more experimental and trial-and-error based. The songs are still club-ready and dance worthy, but now they feature vast and visionary soundscapes that grow and transform as the songs play out. This makes for the familiar eye-widening feeling, except now it’s down with buzzing electronics, shape-shifting and acetic color washes, and a strange but glamorous aquatic vibe that’s difficult to corner.

Even though it’s tough to pin this stuff down, that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. Below is the five minute excerpt from the album “Hard Up”, and don’t forget to grab this thing because it’s only limited to 750 copies.

Hard Up –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dance, Experimental
Dolphins: Tracklist:
1.) Hard Up
2.) Sunrise
3.) Dolphins
4.) Echo

BUY “Dolphins” directly from Insound – limited to 750 !
Mi Ami on Facebook
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