Song of the Day #2

So in case you missed it yesterday, we’re doing this thing on the blog now called “Song of the Day”. To keep it simple, we pick a song from an album somewhere and put it here for your previewing pleasure – then it’s up to you to go and buy the album (or download, or whatever) to hear the rest on your own time. So for our second entry, we’re going to stick to the local scene and hit you up with something from CANNONS.

These Philly bros just finished recording their brand new three song demo in Brooklyn recently, and now they’re trying to share their spastic punk rock with the rest of the world. Their music refuses to follow any preformed pattern, which means there’s something unexpected around every turn in their music. Whether it’s the sharp, angular guitars or just the way these guys never seem to settle down, there’s definitely something awesome brewing here. By the time May rolls around, we should be hearing from CANNONS again in the form of a new EP, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. AND – if you’re in Philly and want something to do on Friday night, go check out CANNONS at JR’s Bar.

CANNONS – Reign of Error:

Get it here: CANNONS Bandcampfree three song download !
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Punk, Alternative

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