Personal & the Pizzas – I Want You 7″

PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS are a four-piece band from Hoboken, NJ playing sleazy garage punk with a raunchy attitude. It’s not exactly clear when this 7″ was released, but it came out sometime in 2010 from the Trouble in Mind label based in Chicago.

These dudes have a handful of 7″ records out there as well as a full length entited “Raw Pie”. You can check it out by following that link, and shortly after you’ll discover these guys really do have an undying love for pizza – it’s not just for laughs. It’s in their pictures, on their album covers, and even in the track names. I never thought pizza was a way to market a band, but it definitely seems to be working for these bros, which is just another reason to love them. Stated by the folks at Trouble in Mind, the boys got a little more sensitive this time around in terms of their lyrics, ironically enough being described best as “a little more PERSONAL”. It doesn’t really get much more personal than “I’ll take you home and do you right, we can fuck around…”

Check out this pair of sleazy tracks below, with all of their lo-fi guitar scuzz and good time attitudes intact. One last question to ask yourself while listening is “Is it about a girl or a pizza?”

I Want You –

(Don’t Trust No) Party Boy –

My Rating: 6/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Pizza
I Want You 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I Want You
2.) (Don’t Trust No) Party Boy
3.) (I Don’t Want to) Think About It

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Personal & the Pizzas on

2 thoughts on “Personal & the Pizzas – I Want You 7″

  1. I agree! They do sound like Ramones in the best way! This is great stuff, I expect nothing less form such a fantastic state like NJ.
    And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza?!

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