Ital – Ital’s Theme 12″

For those of you who are fans of Mi Ami, you’ll be happy to know that ITAL is the moniker of Daniel Martin-McCormick. There’s just one problem – the stuff included on this 12″ is so far from Mi Ami you’d probably never even believe it.

Daniel Martin-McCormick is the relentless lead singer from Mi Ami, and while he’s not concentrating on that project, he’s getting his rave on as Ital. Coming from the 100% Silk label (which spawns from Not Not Fun) as their first official release, “Ital’s Theme” is bursting at the seams with club ready dance jams with enough club-drugs for the whole party. All three of the cuts from this 12″ could potentially be heard at your local club and/or rave, just as long as your not too deep under the influence of any drugs to realize it.

Although each could be heard at a club, each individual track would probably cater to a certain club with a specific taste in mind. In other words, they wouldn’t necessarily be heard in the same type of club. “Ital’s Theme” kicks off the record with your all-night banger anthem with nonstop dancing and mixed drinks. This song sounds like it’s at a drug intake level of two doses – it’s fucking intense while also being an eye-opening and life-affirming good time. “Queens” takes a much more laid-back approach than the intro track. This song is at a drug intake level of zero doses – basically, everything you’re feeling is what’s lingering in your system from the night before. You can feel something but it’s just barely bubbling beneath the surface – almost like it’s ready to pop off at any second, it just needs that extra jolt to help get things started. This song is like the chill out/ come down from the night before.

Last but not least is “One Hit”. At a drug intake level of just one solid dose, this turns out to be the perfect name for this track. A harmonious balance between reality and psychedelic-obscurity, you can almost feel the drugs take a hold as they take you on their wild ride. But you’re still at a good level of self-awareness and functionality where you can control yourself but still have an enlightening experience. Accurately described in this quick little sentence by the folks at 100% Silk, “‘One Hit’ sounds like the scaling of a skyscraper, higher and higher.” Yeah, that’s this track in a nutshell, and if you’re into this sort of thing, this music will be right up your alley.

When it’s all said and done, this record is like spending a weekend in a crazy city with too much to do. It’s like a day of recovery (“Queens”) sandwiched between two nights (“Ital’s Theme” and “One Hit”) of memorable club-related debauchery that should never be spoken of again. When the weekend is finally over and you’re back to the “real life”, you still can’t help but think of your awesome weekend while simultaneously feeling the effects of lingering acid and ecstasy.

Ital’s Theme teaser video…

One Hit (8:00) –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags Electronic, Dance, Trance
Ital’s Theme 12″: Tracklist:
1.) Ital’s Theme
2.) Queens
3.) One Hit

BUY the 12″ directly from Insound – limited to 350 !
100% Silk Records on Blogspot
Mi Ami – Steal Your Face previously posted on the Drone
You can hear other tracks from the 12″ right here (they’re only previews)

4 thoughts on “Ital – Ital’s Theme 12″

  1. I can think of at least three clubs in London that wouldn’t think twice about playing these songs! I’m sure the same goes for America, I’ve just never been clubbing. I like Ital’s theme; it feels more involved, but that could be because it’s shorter and more bouncy. I think it’s good, though.

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