Wet Hair/ Peaking Lights – Bored Fortress Club 7″

Coming from the more obscure corners of the internet is this split 7″ between WET HAIR and PEAKING LIGHTS. It’s a highly appropriate release from the Not Not Fun catalog, and it’s part of their yearly Bored Fortress 7″ Club series.

Two tracks fill out both sides of this bizarre 7″, and they’re both a highly unique trip through two wild soundscapes that each last well over the six minute mark. Both of these oddball tracks are nothing other than what you decide to make of them, because they both can easily leave you in an ambiguous state of mind. Both sides are strangely thought provoking, creative and imaginative and will definitely leave you questioning all the eccentric noises you just heard.

Each song is a textured mess of sound that continues to grow larger and larger with each passing minute; as the songs play out new sounds come and go with the time. The crunchy, echoing guitars in “Birds of Paradise” almost have a tropical vibe to them that adds much color and depth to the track. They make you want to think there’s something tropical about them, but at the same time you might be questioning those thoughts. Definitely a strange feeling oozing from both of these brain burners. The A-side “Blessed” is more of a synth-driven track with what sounds like a legitimate drum set, but we can’t be too sure about that. Colorful synth washes dominate this one from start to finish, and because of the relentless approach that comes with this song, you just might find yourself giving it a second spin when it’s all said and done. Hear both sides of the 7″ right below, and head over to Not Not Fun to snag yr very own copy before it’s all gone.

Wet Hair – Blessed –

Peaking Lights – Birds of Paradise –

My Rating: 6.7/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Electronic, Noise
Bored Fortress Club 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Wet Hair – Blessed
2.) Peaking Lights – Birds of Paradise

BUY the 7″ directly from Not Not Fun before it’s gone!
WET HAIR on Myspace
See & buy more releases from both bands RIGHT HERE

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