Various Artists – Faux Discx Split 7″

Coming from the Faux Discx label in Brighton is this split 7″ covering four bands. There’s a song a piece from WOMEN, FAIR OHS, COLD PUMAS and FRIENDO, respectively. There doesn’t seem to be any specific pattern they’re following with the song placement, so let’s take this unique line up for a spin.

Imagine seeing all four of these bands on the same stage, one right after another? That would probably be pretty wild. The other bands would probably be skeptical that the Women boys might come up and start throwing punches or choke slamming each other. But if this 7″ is any indication, we’re going to hopefully guess correctly that they’ve straightened things out over there. The song included from Women is up first, and it’s called “Bullfight”.

Lazy sounding drums welcome you at the start, and shortly after a muffled bass line. Next up and right on point is the jagged guitar, which immediately sounds sharp and dagger-like and should be an immediate indication that this is indeed a Women song. The combination of these elements presses on with a glistening chorus and messy guitar licks throughout that definitely go against the flow – the way they make the song seem to cringe and wrinkle is definitely an abrasive quality. Which is also a quality that’s far from foreign in a Women song. As the track winds down the crystalline guitar creates a dreamy vibe, and there’s a sudden feeling of happiness and redemption at the end. Take note as the subtle tambourine shake perfectly puts the cherry on top of this song that will leave you speechless – unless of course you’re now praying that Women won’t disband, we totally understand that. It’s not a surprise if you want to give that one another spin.

Next up is the Fair Ohs track “Jeanneret”. After a song like “Bullfight”, this one comes from a completely different universe. There’s definitely a tropical-pop vibe, but it feels slightly corny once the vocals come into play. They complement the sunny music pleasantly, but for some reason this one isn’t sitting right with me. It’s just really difficult to take a song like this seriously after a song like “Bullfight”.

Following that is the Cold Pumas song “The French Note”, and this one comes through with a ton of energy. Crashing drums push the song further as strange howling and fiery, rugged guitars turn into a berserk mess of cymbal slamming and intoxicating guitar noise at the breaking point. This is quite a vigorous track if there ever was one, and it sets things up for the much more delicate Friendo track that follows. Not sure what else these guys have been up to but we’re going to look into it.

Last but certainly not least is the Friendo track “Pass Time”. If you didn’t remember, Friendo is fronted by the drummer Micheal Wallace from Women, so it’s highly appropriate that these two appear on this 7″ together. Only this time it sounds like a female singing in this song – most likely band mate Nicole, but otherwise there wasn’t really any information on that. This is a joyous little post-punk outburst with throbbing basses and wailing vocals, and could make you suddenly curious to hear a little more from the Friendo catalog – which is something we can help you with by clicking here.

This is a strangely unique combination of songs, and everybody is bound to like one track more than the other. It’s slightly off balance, and it makes for an interesting 12 minute listen. Check out the couple tracks we left for you below, and to hear the rest simply head on over to the Faux Discx Bandcamp.

Women – Bullfight –

Friendo – Pass Times –

My Rating: 7.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Noise Rock, Pop, Post-Punk
Faux Discx Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Women – Bullfight
2.) Fair Ohs – Jeanneret
3.) Cold Pumas – The French Note
4.) Friendo – Pass Times

BUY the 7″ directly from the Faux Discx Bandcamp – limited to 500 !
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