Burnt Ones – All Night Long 7″

Our final 7″ of the year comes from BURNT ONES out of San Francisco, and let’s just say it’s a worthy 7″ to end the year on. After today you should expect to see some of our year end lists, and maybe even a few holiday surprises if you’re lucky.

Coming out back in April, this was the debut release for Burnt Ones, and simultaneously the first release for the then new label Roaring Colonel Records. Since then the band has released their first full length album entitled “Black Teeth & Golden Tongues”, which also comes from the Roaring Colonel imprint. Now, just like everyone else, they’re awaiting 2011 with big hopes.

Two ultra-sleazy glam dirges cover this 7″ from front to back, while the third track takes on an unexpected acoustic guitar sound. While that track definitely comes off different than the first two, there’s no way it can overpower the filthy vibes of “Alright (Sha-La-La)” and “Gonna Listen to T-Rex (All Night Long)”.

“Gonna Listen to T-Rex (All Night Long)” starts off the 7″, and it kicks down your door and barges right into your ears, forcing you to listen and love. That raunchy guitar fuzz definitely helps create a thick and scuzzy wall of sound over top of the strange howling and swaying bass lines, almost like you can reach out and touch it. Flip that 7″ over for another eyebrow-searing scuzz jam, only this time there’s a much greater pop vibe than the last track. The blissful boy-girl vocals really do the trick in this song – not to mention the infectious “ow ow” chanting of lead singer Mark Tester over top of it all. The jangly tambourine hits within the final minute top off the song, like putting more icing on an already awesome cake. If I have anything to say about it, you’re going to play this one over and over again – I’m already having some trouble keeping it off. Listen for yourself below and look out for the first part our 7″ countdown tomorrow.

Gonna Listen to T-Rex (All Night Long) –

Alright (Sha-La-La) –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop
All Night Long 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Gonna Listen to T-Rex (All Night Long)
2.) Alright (Sha-La-La)
3.) Come Back Home

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Burnt Ones on Bandcamp
BUY this 7″ by sending the band money on Paypal (or just snag that free download and call it a day…)

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