Girls Names/ Brilliant Colors – Split 7″

Most recently coming from the Slumberland label (and Tough Love if yr in the UK) is a brand new split 7″ between Ireland’s GIRLS NAMES and San Francisco’s BRILLIANT COLORS. It’s a magical double A-side single featuring a song apiece from each band, and worldwide it’s limited to just 600 copies.

Considering this thing is being referred to as a “double A-side”, that should probably be a good indication that this stuff is indeed going to shred. Whether or not “shred” is your word of choice to describe the music is completely up to you, but both of these songs are without a doubt top notch. This makes it awfully difficult to decide which of the two you like better, but even if you did know, the difference wouldn’t be anything significant because both of these songs are definitely on the same level of quality. One of the main noticeable differences would be the fact that Girls Names is fronted by a dude named Cathal Cully (ironic?), and Brilliant Colors is an all-girl band – which means when deciding which you’re going to favor more comes down to a matter of personal preference. But both songs definitely have their highlights.

Just like the songs from the Girls Names EP we covered earlier this year, there’s a mysterious vibe wrapped around the frantic and jangly guitar chords that are coming through your speakers. I still can’t help but pick up a Crystal Stilts-esque vibe when listening to these guys, but I do my best to suppress those thoughts, because everybody’s got their own sound, am I right? Well maybe not everybody, but Girls Names still throw down a hell of a moody sounding track right here. I think if you had to ask me, this is my highlight from the 7″, but flip that thing over and there’s still two minutes and 15 seconds left to go to still change yr mind.

If you liked Grass Widow from a few weeks ago, then you’ll be all over this track – not to mention this band as a whole. It’s a short but highly energetic post-punk influenced outburst with grainy, raging guitar licks and a slightly ethereal and/or blissful vibe, but the punky inflections definitely overpower everything else. For the most part, I’m not sure what lead singer Jess Scott is actually singing word for word, but at times it sounds like she’s just simply chanting over the music. While I could be wrong, let’s see what you think. Check out both of the songs from the split below, and don’t forget to check out the other Brilliant Colors 7″ we covered back over the Summer.

Girls Names – I Lose –

Brilliant Colors – You Win –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Pop
Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Girls Names – I Lose
2.) Brilliant Colors – You Win

Girls Names on Myspace
Brilliant Colors on Blogspot
BUY the split 7″ directly from Insound – 600 pressed !
Girls Names self titled EP previously on the Drone
Brilliant Colors – Never Mine 7″ previously on the Drone

3 thoughts on “Girls Names/ Brilliant Colors – Split 7″

  1. I LOVE THIS! The only problem is that it isn’t longer! I love how the track names complement each other. It’s like glass half empty and glass half full. Either way you look at the name, it’s the same for both; just depends on how you see things. Fantastic stuff!
    Also, San Francisco is really producing some pretty awesome artists lately.

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