Kevin Greenspon – Rose Window Cassette

What’s up dudes!? Hopefully everybody had a decent weekend. If not hopefully this week in music will help you forget about it, because I’ve got a ton of gems in store for you all this week. To start, let’s look at this cassette tape from Bridgetown Records headman Kevin Greenspon.

This stuff popped up in the middle of last week on Altered Zones, and after listening to the featured track I felt like I needed to hear the rest. Not just because I liked what I had heard, but I thought it was unique. Greenspon creates small life-like biospheres in each of these new tracks, coming at you with some serious warmth and passion. The delayed guitars are beyond gratifying as they swirl and surge over your head, immediately throwing you right in the midst of an echoed out dream world where anything is possible, but not exactly all good things. Many different moods present themselves in the music as you change from one track to the other – suggesting that each song is on it’s own when it comes down to mood. Basically it’s up to whatever you think. Either way, the sonic textures, grittiness, and delayed guitars go a long way in painting lush, vast soundscapes, wherein you’ll definitely find some ineffable love for this music. Be sure to check out these thought-provoking songs right below, and buy the cassette before it’s gone for good, because it’s very affordable.

Machine Shop –

Atrophied –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Ambient, Experimental
Rose Window Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Machine Shop
2.) Heart on Chain
3.) X.A. Assembly
4.) Atrophied

Kevin Greenspon on Myspace
Kevin Greenspon – Official Website
BUY the cassette only from Life’s Blood before it’s gone – Limited to 51 !!

4 thoughts on “Kevin Greenspon – Rose Window Cassette

  1. you know what’s nice, how everything on this blog is harmonious. I mean your reflections of the music, the album art, and the songs themselves flow perfectley. This says alot on how well you understand music. (makes me jealous that you can attain and reflect on expressive sound. And to think that you aren’t even interviewing these artists but you can catch the feeling they are trying to convey through their songs)
    I can see why you would say that the music is an expression of “serious warmth and passion” (nicely put by the way).
    Atrophied has a smooth guitar progression that i really like. (it’s kinda sad how that’s all i’ve got to say about that…but there’s my 2¢)


  2. Hi, glad you liked the songs and album and wanted to share them!

    I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I have another new cassette called “Unveiling” out at – this one is not limited and is actually in an unlimited edition for a special reason – because I’m very proud of the release and don’t want it to be confined to a small audience.

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