Woods – I Was Gone 7″

What’s up people. I thought this stuff here would be perfect for the Halloween weekend. It’s something I forgot about for awhile, but it’s still awesome and it still came out pretty recently. It’s a 7″ from Brooklyn’s own WOODS – a band I’m sure many of you have already familiarized yourself with many moons ago. This 7″ comes from the Woodsist label, and although it’s been out since Feburary, I’m pretty sure you can still buy this one in most places. But you should do it sooner than later, because they say they’re only doing a one-time pressing of 1,500 copies. You can still get it right here, here, and here.

The first track “Days Gone By” might leave you in a bit of a curious state. The song changes up significantly a few times throughout. It starts with some hair-raising electric guitars, and then quickly changes to a much more delicate acoustic section. Howling vocals, yelps and complex guitars then come through within the final two minutes of the song, building it up into a huge, mysterious wall of sound. Next up is “I Was Gone”, which is probably the most accessible track from this 7″. It’s definitely an eerie track, and it has an obscure dark mood weaved in through it’s breezy chords. Last up is “Hang On”, which definitely takes the cake for being the most inexplicable song on the 7″. It’s increasingly tribal like, almost as if you’re on a spiritual pilgrimage in
the dead of the night in a forest somewhere, and there’s nothing around but an open fire and the fear of uncertainly around every corner. Check out the three songs from the 7″ below, and have Happy Halloween!

Days Gone By/ Untitled/ Days Gone By –

I Was Gone –

Hang On –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Folk
I Was Gone 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Days Gone By/ Untitled/ Days Gone By (continued)
2.) I Was Gone
3.) Hang On

Woods on Myspace
BUY the 7″ directly from Midheaven Mailorder

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