Luftwaffe – Quiet Summer 7″

LUFTWAFFE is a band, and they hail from the far side of the Schuylkill River in West Philadelphia. If you’re from the area, maybe you’ve heard of them. If not, then you probably haven’t heard of Luftwaffe just yet. There’s another band named Luftwaffe from Chicago, but that’s not who were focused on, just so you don’t get confused. Our Luftwaffe, from Philadelphia, has been hard at work all Summer long to prepare their debut 7″ for the world. They recorded the record together themselves in their bedrooms this Summer, without the air-conditioning on, and now they’re putting out the record themselves as well. The 7″ should be ready sometime this month, so what better time to talk about Luftwaffe? I should probably mention that these guys are cool enough to also give away the entire 7″ for FREE on their Bandcamp page, so check that out while it’s still free!

If they had to describe their music themselves, they would call it “swampy, scattered pop music”. This is certainly an accurate description. The basis of their songs definitely comes from pop-influenced music, but it’s what they do with their sound effects and electronics that makes the songs unique – or “scattered”. They have a great balance of pop and electronics in their songs, and it stands out. The effects aren’t too overbearing or over the top – because seriously, how many times have you heard a song that was just too ridiculous with the sounds? These guys make their effects fit in just right, and it gives the songs much more depth, helping to create a significantly more interesting listen. Find out for yourself with the two songs below. “Old Friends” has a hazy layer of Summer humidity spread out over it’s constant, friendly beeping, while “Never Let Me Go” has an otherworldly, jungle-like feel to it. Get lost in the hypnotizing guitars and the shake of the tambourine as Luftwaffe takes you to the other side. This stuff is great – so please enjoy it. Don’t forget to download your copy of the 7″, because I’m sure it won’t be free forever.

Never Let Me Go –

Old Friends –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Experimental, Electronic
Quiet Summer 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Never Let Me Go
2.) Old Friends
3.) Warm Blood

DOWNLOAD the 7″ for FREE on the Luftwaffe Bandcamp

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