Young Adults – Black Hole

If you haven’t heard of YOUNG ADULTS yet, stick around and learn a thing or two. These guys hail from Allston, Massachusetts, and they formed not very long ago in October of 2009. They definitely play a large part in the ever-growing scene that is constantly expanding up in the Boston area – which also includes a few other bands that have been featured on the Drone, like DOOMSTAR! and Girlfriends.

These bands all certainly have a little bit of something in common, and it’s not just their music. Part of it would be that they’re all responsible for the emerging punk and garage rock scene that is taking the Boston area by storm right now. There’s going to be a video documentary on this happening up in Boston, and Young Adults play a big role in that documentary. A film production company in Massachusetts called ExNoise, in association with Foundwaves, will be shooting the documentary and it’s going to be funded by Kickstarter. This will certainly be an interesting watch – can’t wait to hear more about it!

But yeah, put all that information aside for a second, and learn that the Young Adults debut LP is upon us! Yes, it’s true! In this coming November, AMDISCS – a record label based out of Prague in the Czech Republic – will release this debut LP in an edition of 500, and it will also be available digitally in places like iTunes. But seriously, I know you guys are all going to buy the vinyl, so I probably don’t even need that little digital format blurb – right?!

Buy it, and you get nearly 40 minutes of a heavy, glowing mix of garage rock and punk that’s just too good to forget about. Glowing because of all the invigorating, ambient lead guitar that dominates songs like “Let Us Out”, “Wasting Time”, “Rip it Up”, “Impression”, and “Campfires”, amongst many others – and punk because these guys just tear shit up without ever turning around to see the destruction they just caused. They even cover The Wipers song “Over the Edge”, which definitely confirms their punky influences. But no matter what you’re into, you should definitely free up some time to listen to these songs below. All three are highly recommended and shortly after listening, you’ll be eagerly awaiting this debut LP of theirs (as well as the documentary!). Hopefully this growing Boston scene will continue churning out new jams like these.

Wasting Time –

Rip It Up –

Drifting –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Ambient
Black Hole: Tracklist:
1.) (Reverie 1)
2.) Let Us Out
3.) Wasting Time
4.) Black Surf
5.) Rip It Up
6.) Impression
7.) Over the Edge
8.) Life Under Review
9.) Annulation
10.) Bummer Summer
11.) Drifting
12.) (Reverie 2)
13.) Campfires

Young Adults on Facebook
DOWNLOAD their demo for FREE! – features five songs from the coming LP!
More info. on Young Adults @ AMDISCS – Pre-orders (most likely) coming soon…

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