Far-Out Fangtooth – Pathways 7″

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA is the one and only FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH. These guys just put out their debut 7″ on Philadelphia label Ian Records, and it looks like it’s their first official release to be unleashed on the world. The blog in that link hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but it looks as if another Ian Records release is due out soon enough. The only problem is I couldn’t really find a link to buy this Far-Out Fangtooth single anywhere. I happened to stumble upon it during a record store trip just the other day, so unless you have time to get to yr local record store, I don’t how else to get this one. Especially if yr not from Philadelphia. I’m sure they’ll have a way to buy it soon enough.

So for starters, I was slightly confused when I first went to listen to this 7″. I’m pretty sure they have the label stickers on the wrong sides. The side that says “Pathways” plays “Why Don’t You Cry”, and vice-versa. It’s not anything Earth-shattering, but I’m sure they didn’t mean to do this. “Pathways” is supposed to be the A-side (I think – might be wrong about that), and it starts out on kind of a slow note. It’s going to take a few listens for this stuff to grow on you, that is if you think you can get into it. Until about 30 seconds in, this sounds like just another scuzzy lo-fi song, but then an ambient and invigorating lead guitar takes control, as things begin to liven up a bit. Good thing too, because the singing probably wasn’t going to help change that. That lead guitar is complemented by other twangy guitar rhythms and bass lines alike, on top of relentless, crashing cymbals. Check out the other side of this 7″ right below – it’s a heavy, grungy guitar-driven jam out. Then you can hear “Pathways” right on the Far-Out Fangtooth Myspace.

Why Don’t You Cry –

My Rating: 6.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Punk
Pathways 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Pathways
2.) Why Don’t You Cry

Far-Out Fangtooth on Myspace
Far-Out Fangtooth on Facebook
Download some Far-Out Fangtooth tracks right here
I don’t think there is a place to buy this yet online – check yr record stores in Philly

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