All Saints Day – It’ll Come Around 7″

Hey! Getting back on schedule after a hectic weekend here. Got something for you guys today that you may have stumbled upon yourselves already. But hopefully not. It’s the debut 7″ from ALL SAINTS DAY, the combined project of Vivian Girl Katy Goodman and Cat Power helper/ The Delta 72 member Gregg Foreman (who I am learning is originally from Philadelphia). This little gem comes from the Art Fag label, and it comes in a limited edition of 500. I tell you this because the stuff over at Art Fag looks like it usually sells out pretty quickly, so if you want this one you better snag it up soon.

Included on this 7″ are two new songs, both of which have equally dreamy and space-like qualities, alongside of that all too familiar scratchy lo-fi sound that’s popping up everywhere these days. Katy Goodman’s gorgeous voice with the combination of hazy textures and twangy guitars is a great way to make some addicting music. If you were to come up with background music that goes along with the album art above, it would probably sound EXACTLY like All Saints Day! Basically meaning that the art is spot-on. But don’t sleep on this stuff – it’s addicting and I’m already having a hard time turning off “Only Time Will Tell”. I’m gonna upload both sides of the 7″ for you guys below, so check’em out. That is all. More record downloads on the way for you people too – keep checkin’ my Tumblr.

It’ll Come Around –

Only Time Will Tell –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Dream Pop, Electronic
It’ll Come Around 7″: Tracklist:
1.) It’ll Come Around
2.) Only Time Will Tell

All Saints Day on Bandcamp
All Saints Day on
BUY the 7″ from Insound, but it’s probably cheaper directly from Art Fag

4 thoughts on “All Saints Day – It’ll Come Around 7″

  1. the vivian girls are definately good…i like them more than i had expected too. They sorta have their own take/version of being the beach boys. => then again listening to “my love will follow me” i’m second guessing myself about that comparison.
    ~i like that point about the album work and the music. The album design rwally does have that dreammy look to it.
    ~do you think it’s a bad thing that the lo-fi scratchy sound is popping up everywhere?

  2. Links, no way! Lo-fi is the shit! great stuff! Yeah, sometimes you can’t hear the lyrics which is incredibly annoying in songs like Eyesore by Women when all that’s discernable is “could not avoid me loving you…tell (him/them) against yr will. give out yr number now” and bands like No Joy, too. And obviously many more. Or maybe that’s just my shitty hearing? But I feel like that gives it more character. You have to really work for it. Listen hard, listen often. I think it’s good cause it let’s you focus on the actual music itself, which is why it’s there in the first place. It’s real, I love it. Real instruments, real people singing with their original, untouched voiceboxes. And the sound of a drowning voice in a sea of captivating and exhilarating tunes is amazing. haha, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, sorry. Food for thought.

    Despite the fact that I have a MINOR aversion to the vivian girls (though I still listen to them from time to time) they’re still good and All Sain’t Day is freaking awesome, so far. I would say they’re even better.

  3. :’> your beautiful use of language has made me fall in love with the band, sound, and your writing. Thank you for helping me see/realize what i was missing =)

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