The Eeries – Feel Right Cassette

Yo! Here’s something today that I don’t think many of you bros are going to be familiar with. That would mainly be due to the fact that these guys are a local Philly band. I had the pleasure of seeing them open for DOOMSTAR! the other night while I was at the Millcreek Tavern. By the time the night was over, one of the dudes from The Eeries was still hanging around, and I ended up talking to him for a bit. The result? He hooked me up with a couple of brand new Eeries cassette tapes, and we left it at “Yeah man, we’ll be talking through e-mails soon enough,” or something like that. I don’t know if I’m getting around to this sooner than he thought, but The Eeries definitely deserve to be heard. So let’s hear them!

For starters, I’m pretty sure these guys do all of their recording themselves. Not exactly sure how they go about it, but this Blogspot post may help shed some light on that. I know it’s not the same EP we’re talking about here, but it gives us some insight, right? “Instruments live in the basement, vocals in the bathroom, dishes in the sink.” He actually gave me that cassette too, but we’ll talk about that one some other day in the near future. Now onto the music – I kind of had a slight idea of where there sound was going after seeing them live, but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions too quickly before listening.

A ridiculously twangy guitar dominates all of the songs, sometimes with a more poppy flare (Walk You Home), and then other times with a moody blues-rock feel (Feel Right, In Your Head). The guitars have an extremely concentrated sound, and they’re always backed by constantly rolling drums and lazy, punchy bass lines. For the last song of the cassette, they kind of bring all of these elements together in one single song, called “Pocket”. Honest lyrics like “Somewhere in your pocket I found love” complement the twangin’, country-esque feel of the song, and once the final minute rolls around they slow it all down for a true blues vibe. They even do some nice howling over the mix for good measure. You can check out all of the songs from the cassette tape below, and then the Eeries were cool enough to set these tracks free for anybody to download, which you can do RIGHT HERE. Go through their Blogspot page for even more downloads, too!

Feel Right –

In Your Head –

Walk You Home –

Pocket –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Blues Rock, Garage Rock
Feel Right Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Feel Right
2.) In Your Head
3.) Walk You Home
4.) Pocket

DOWNLOAD the cassette completely for free !!!
The Eeries on Blogspot – Plenty more free downloads here
The Eeries on

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