The Boom Bang – Bummer Camp 7″

Yo yo. Got something real nice for you guys here today. Not sure if you remember what I said from a few days ago about having stuff lined up already for everyday this week, but I’ve already gotten a bit off task from my original plans. You could thank THE BOOM BANG for this, because they sent me an e-mail with some information about their forthcoming 7″ EP from Guestroom Records out of Norman, Oklahoma, and I’m glad they got in touch. The release date for this brand new 7″ of theirs would be September 17th (also my birthday), but the band was nice enough to hook you guys up with a download of the 7″. Not sure how long it will be available, so you should probably snag it now while you can.

First things first: There guys play LOUD. I can only imagine what one of their shows might have in store. That being said – let’s hope these guys make it out to Philadelphia sooner or later. I’m sure it would be a ballin’ time. This way we could witness the madness that is The Boom Bang right before our eyes, but moving on. These guys play absolutely head splitting, heavy guitar driven garage-punk songs with an extremely staggering guitar sound. The gritty guitars may actually make you cringe – kind of like when somebody scratches their nails against a chalk board – but not in a bad way. The cringe would be out of sheer happiness and love for this band and their lethal sound. And call me crazy, but parts of James Smiths vocals in the song “Swamp City” actually remind me of Glenn Mercer from the Feelies. But you guys should definitely check out these songs below, because I think yr gonna like these guys. Don’t forget you can download this stuff too. You should check this out too – they’ve got a music video for the song “Tokyo Roll”.

Tokyo Roll –

Swamp City –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk
Bummer Camp 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Tokyo Roll
2.) We Skeletons
3.) Run Way Away
4.) Swamp City

You download the 7″ completely for FREE right here – now say thanks to the band!
The Boom Bang on Myspace
The Boom Bang on Facebook

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