This Heart Electric – Polar 7″

Well, it’s that time again. Work finally ends for the summer, but the fun isn’t over yet! Today is that fateful, inescapable day (for me anyway) where classes resume. It’s that day that every student ranging from the middle/high school age group up til college absolutely dreads. If you can remember, before about middle school, who wasn’t excited about going back to school? Honestly? Because it seems the older you get, the more you tend to hate it. At least for me anyway. That’s why I’m here working this blog, trying to keep up with the things I actually enjoy doing, which brings me to my next point…

Today’s music of interest comes from a DIY South Florida synth-pop outfit called THIS HEART ELECTRIC, which I’ve come to understand is just one person, although I could be wrong. This is his debut release of any sort, and it comes from the die Stasi imprint out of Ohio. Included on the 7″ is two brand new tracks, combining for a total of nearly 6 minutes of oddball, dance-worthy synth jams. A-side “Polar” kicks off with some glamorously familiar sounds, possibly reminding you of your favorite Nintendo or Sega games that you used to play and love with all yr heart. The synth sounds may or may not also remind you of a Wintry, snowy atmosphere, which could by why this song is called “Polar”. Flip on over to the B-side for another poppy synth jam, only this time it’s riddled with all sorts of sound effects, ranging from siren-like shrieks and the singers eerie, uneasy voice. If you don’t believe me, you should check out both of these songs below from the 7″. Now wish me luck. It’s time to go to class…

Polar –

Nowhere to Run –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Pop
Polar 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Polar
2.) Nowhere to Run

BUY this 7″ directly from Insound !
This Heart Electric on Myspace, yo

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