New Tumblr and Twitter Accounts!

Hello. No new music today, but I’ll be back on track with that for tomorrow. I’ll be stocking up on some new stuff today for the upcoming week instead. In the meantime, you guys should check out and follow my two new accounts: Twitter and Tumblr.

The idea here is simple. I made this Tumblr account for more short and straight-to-the-point posts so you can always get a quick idea of what’s going on here at the Drone. If you want to get on an even more personal level, I’ve made my own Twitter account as well. I won’t necessarily always be talking about music on this new Twitter account, but you should definitely stop on by sometimes for a word or two from myself. I’ll tweet about stuff like what records I just bought, any new shows coming up, or about the new Nike releases coming out…pretty much anything. So get followin’, and be sure to come back for more tomorrow. You might be able to figure out what that’s gonna be too.



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