tooth ache. – Skin 7″

Making her way around the blogosphere these past few weeks would be the sole member of Vermont’s own TOOTH ACHE. Her name: Miss Alexandria Hall. This looks to be her first official release, and it comes from the brand new Father/Daughter Records label (who have been doing a hell-of-a-job getting their name out there since the release of their Family Trees 7″ last June). So this is the second official release from Father/Daughter records, but if you were expecting something in the same vein as Family Tree’s, then I think you have another thing coming…

Tooth ache. is definitely way far off from where they left off with Family Tree’s (especially when tooth ache. self-describes her music as “downer pop”). But don’t let that crush all your hopes and dreams just yet. “Downer pop” frankly doesn’t make this stuff sound all that inviting, but once you get into it you’ll discover that these songs are actually quite addicting (and depending on the listener, far from the ‘downer’ side of things, too). At times sounding increasingly gospel-like, Miss Hall acts as our guide through the 7″ as she blissfully takes us through the buzzy, acetic, synth-laden jams that this suddenly awesome single has to offer.

After checking out her Myspace, I couldn’t help but wonder if the sounds we are hearing are directly influenced from a human condition known as bruxism (and judging by this obsession with bruxism and the name of this project, I don’t think it’s as far-fetched as it seems). She’s even got a set of links labeled as “breakfast. lunch. dinner.” that all send you to pages with descriptions about bruxism, further proving the fact that either this girl deals with this shit on a daily basis (hence breakfast, lunch, and dinner), or just likes/thinks about the idea of bruxism on a daily basis…or the idea of music influenced by bruxism…hell I dunno, figure it out for yourself. For all I know this could just be entirely up for interpretation. Leave a comment if you have some other ridiculous idea…and be sure to check out “Skin” (and “Lazarus”) right below. If you can find a place to listen to the B-side “Lazarus”, you really should. It’s a head-bobbing ‘downer’ jam that is bound to get stuck under yr skin.

Skin –

Lazarus –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Pop
Skin 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Skin
2.) Lazarus

PREORDER the 7″ – Ships on or before Aug. 17th! – Limited to 400!
tooth ache. on Bandcamp
tooth ache. on Myspace

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