Christmas – Scenic Beauty 7″

Going by, there seems to be a lot of bands using the name CHRISTMAS. The topic of our interest today would be the Christmas straight outta Olympia, Washington. Before today I had only heard of these guys, so when I had an e-mail in my inbox today from their label Highfives and Handshakes, I didn’t waste any time getting familiar with Olympia’s own Christmas. “Scenic Beauty” is their first 7″ from H&H that came out this past June, and then they put out a second 7″ just this month (also from H&H). Before both of these they put out another 7″ that came from the Endless Latino label, and you can buy it right now over @ Insound (it’s only $4.40!).

So for starters, this 7″ is quite the limited release. Apparently there’s only 57 copies pressed out there, and they come on clear, hand cut, flexi 7″ records. It doesn’t really get more limited than that either, folks. Starting off this 7″ is a song called “The Whips of Love”, and if it’s your first time listening to these guys, you might want to hold on to your seat. You’re immediately launched into a sea of spiny guitars and sprawling, quirky freak-outs led by lead singer Emily Beanblossom  – who is almost always heard screaming and carrying on over the tense, jangly mess. Flip over to the B-side and your met with a springy bass line complemented by spaced out, squawking guitars that suddenly turns into a frantic freak-out with Emily yelping all up in our grill. This is the perfect example of a “freak-out” if there ever was one. They’re coming at us with full power from beginning to end on this 7″, and that’s pretty clear considering they just plow through both of these songs with almost no breaks at all and without any remote acknowledgment of the destruction that just took place whatsoever. Please listen to “Punch In” right below for some added excitement to your day, and please stay tuned in the near future as I’m definitely going to have that other 7″ up here in due time.

Punch In –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental
Scenic Beauty 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Whips of Love
2.) Punch In

BUY the 7″ from their Bandcamp page
BUY their other 7″ (Endless Latino) directly from Insound!
Christmas on Myspace
Christmas on Bandcamp

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