Tammar – I Live Here Now

Hey, remember TAMMAR from a post back in early July? Well if not you can click that link and go check it out – it’s their self-titled EP that came out back during 2008. To be honest with you, I didn’t know what these guys were up to when I made that post, but since then all of our “Where is Tammar?” questions have been answered. They’re now back on the scene with a brand new live EP called “I Live Here Now”, and it was literally just released by none other than the St. Ives imprint – which I am growing more fond of with each release I pick up. This brand new set of live tracks were all captured during the Summer of 2009 at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana – which also happens to be Tammar’s hometown – and they couldn’t be more ready to share the music with you.

If you read the post from last time, you might already know what to expect. And if not, I’d be glad to fill you in with the details. So for starters, the biggest difference from their two releases is that this one was recorded live. The other one wasn’t. Only one song from their other EP made it onto this new live EP, and that would be “Weddle On II”. While the actual songs might be different, the fashion that they play them in certainly didn’t change much at all. And they still use those woozy, dazed-out keyboards in the background that gives each song a wobbly, confused feeling.

Just about every Tammar song I’ve heard starts out relatively simple and easy going, but sure enough each song begins to grow as time passes on, whether it’s a small subtle change or a huge wailing guitar lick, they get their point across, and they stay focused from beginning to end. Before you even realize, a song will turn into a huge wall of sound with dream-like textures as it evokes a fantastic feeling that you can take on the entire world. With that being said, I definitely think Tammar is a band that is meant to be experienced live before any other possible way. So it’s a good thing that all this stuff was recorded live in case you never get the chance to see them. This way you capture that live energy that may or may not be there when things are recorded in a studio. Speaking of live energy, the first song that really put me on the floor from this record was “Yung Jun”, and it’s quite a joyous number. I could seriously listen to it all day – hell, I pretty much did just that while driving pizza’s around town all day yesterday. I was ecstatic when I first heard it, and I hope you guys feel the same way. Definitely don’t miss out on this one, because it’s limited to 300 copies, and once people realize what they’re missing out on, these things won’t be around to buy anymore.

Yung Jun –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Pop, Indie Rock
I Live Here Now: Tracklist:
1.) Arrows Underwater
2.) Weddle On II
3.) Yung Jun
4.) Frost Meter

BUY the brand new album @ Insound! – Limited to 300 copies!
Tammar EP previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone
Tammar on Myspace
Tammar on Last.fm

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