Silver Jews – American Water

Hey hey. So I think many of you guys are already going to be familiar with today’s album, but I think it’s more than worthy of having a spot here on the Styrofoam Drone. It’s the pivotal third album from David Berman and company, and it’s quite a milestone in the indie rock world. I probably wouldn’t be making this post if I didn’t find this gem chilling in the ‘used’ record bin the other day either. It was only $6.99! How am I supposed to walk away from that? Do I even need to mention that Stephen Malkmus is on this record? Should I just ask you guys questions from now until the end of the post? Nah seriously though, if you haven’t heard anything from this record, you should stop what you’re doing right now and check this stuff out.

Berman and Malkmus deliver these folky, twangin’ country tunes, and they do it all with a lazy, laid back approach that’s definitely noticeable on many of the songs from the record. My favorite example of “lazy” from this record would probably be the song “Federal Dust”. Just listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about a minute and a half through when the guitar solo starts. It’s actually funny sometimes. It seems like they didn’t care when recording this stuff, but I’m sure that’s far from being true.

I also want to take a quick second and mention the track “Night Society”.Talk about the biggest tease ever when it comes to music. What happens before and after this song!? They just fade out on both ends! Every time I listen it kills me – I just want it to keep playing (which reminds me of “J vs. S” at the end of Shady Lane by Pavement on “Brighten the Corners”). It’s like “What did this spawn from? Was it really just a short jam like that or was there a whole song that you’re not telling us about! Come on! Spill the beans!”. If you haven’t figured it out, yes, this really does bother me, and the worst part is we’ll probably never know. It’s also the only song on the album that doesn’t feature Berman’s unique mixture of a mundane singing voice and genius lyrics. “All my favorite singers couldn’t sing,” says Berman during “We Are Real”. I guess that’s his rebuttal. Another good track for lyrics would be “Blue Arrangements”, and I’ve got it for ya below.  Unfortunately that’s all for today, it’s time to go to work, but check this stuff out.

Random Rules –

Night Society –

Federal Dust –

Blue Arrangements –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Country, Alternative, Folk
American Water: Tracklist:
1.) Random Rules
2.) Smith & Jones Forever
3.) Night Society
4.) Federal Dust
5.) People
6.) Blue Arrangements
7.) We Are Real
8.) Send in the Clouds
9.) Like Like the the the Death
10.) Buckingham Rabbit
11.) Honk If You’re Lonely
12.) The Wild Kindness

Buy the LP @ Insound!
Silver Jews – Official Website!
Silver Jews on Myspace

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