JEFF the Brotherhood – Mellow Out 7″

YO. I hate when this happens, man. I’m late to the game once again on another awesome band, and this time I really feel like I’ve been missing out. After listening to this 7″ all I could think about was what their full-length “Heavy Days” sounds like. And by now you’ve probably already figured out that today’s band is JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD. But if “Heavy Days” is anything like this 7″, then I’m gonna be alllllll over that stuff as soon as I get my hands on it.

So this 7″ was put out by Suicide Squeeze Records in a hand-numbered edition of 750, and if it’s anything like other JEFF releases, this thing is bound to sell out. The coolest part is that 250 of them were pressed on glow in the dark vinyl, just in case you’re ever in the mood to spin your records in the dark…but moving on.

This gem features two JEFF songs, one of them being brand new and the other coming from their LP “Heavy Days”. The new song is called “Mellow Out”, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Jake Orrall sings about keeping his records on a shelf because he cares about his health, but I can’t seem to find a connection between records on shelves and the well-being of a person. Either way this song is going to reel you in pretty quickly with it’s invigorating, electrified guitar psych-outs that pop up in the little breaks and the careful, frantic drumming of brother Jamin Orrall. The two complement each other almost perfectly in the music, playing together at the right speeds and switching things up at the proper moments. That brotherly chemistry is definitely noticeable in their sound, as these guys both know how to hit that mark. Check out “Mellow Out” right below – you’ll be glad you did.

Mellow Out –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Grunge, Punk
Mellow Out 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Mellow Out
2.) Heavy Days

BUY the 7″ @ Insound! – It’s only $4.40!
JEFF the Brotherhood on Myspace

4 thoughts on “JEFF the Brotherhood – Mellow Out 7″

  1. LOVE the new song. Heavy Days is my favorite album of the year. Also check out Castle Storm, their second best album.

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