Monotonix – Fun Fun Fun 7″

This is definitely the first band from Israel that we’re covering here on the Styrofoam Drone. Come to think of it, I can’t think of many bands at all that come from Israel, but I’m sure there’s a ton out there.

The band is known as MONOTONIX, and they’ve toured around the world countless times playing hundreds of shows ranging from extremes like SXSW to shows in the basements of churches. Speaking of the basements of churches, the first time I came across Monotonix was when they opened for the Silver Jews back on their final tour, and the band was NUTS! They played anywhere in the room but the actual stage, and it was just straight-up madness. This 7″ looks like it’s the latest release from Monotonix, coming from the Drag City imprint, and I’m sure it won’t be their last.

It might seem a bit cliché to call this 7″ fun, but that’s basically what it all comes down to. These jams would go perfectly in the background of your typical raging party, with people from wall to wall guzzling down beer, playing flip-cup, and yelling as loud as they possibly can. The two songs included are staggeringly heavy with grungy guitars and a raspy Ami Shalev who basically freaks out the entire time while he forces his words right down our throat – and he doesn’t see a damn thing wrong with it either! Especially in a live setting. That being said, I think seeing Monotonix live is probably the best way to experience their music and the band themselves. If they ever make it to your town, you should definitely make a point to go and check them out. Good times all around for sure.

Fun Fun Fun –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Alternative, Israel
Fun Fun Fun 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Fun Fun Fun
2.) Try Try Try

Buy the 7″ @ Insound!
Monotonix on Myspace
Monotonix – Official Website!

One thought on “Monotonix – Fun Fun Fun 7″

  1. Seen Monotonix live last Weekend.. very powerful live show 🙂

    Here are two videos I made from that show:


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