Weed Hounds – Beach Bummed 7″

Hey guys, listen up. You should really do yourself a favor today and check out this band called WEED HOUNDS. Earlier this week they released their debut 7″ record “Beach Bummed” from Iron Pier Records, and it’s proving to be quite an awesome 7″.

Their music is like heavy, atmospheric psychedelic rock with a tinge of the lo-fi pop/punk goodness mixed in (don’t forget shoegaze!), and lead singer Laura Catalano uses her gorgeous voice to sway over the mix, and it’s equally healing and haunting at different parts in the songs. These guys sound like they’re going to have even more awesome stuff for us down the road, so you might want to snag their debut 7″ before it’s too late. I say this because according to the Iron Pier website, there’s only 300 copies of the 7″ to go around, so yeah, get on that quick. If the songs below aren’t enough to keep you going, you should head on over to their Myspace page, because they have a handful of other tracks for your listening pleasure.

Beach Bummed –

Skating Away from the Cops –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Punk, Shoegaze
Beach Bummed 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Beach Bummed
2.) Skating Away from the Cops

Weed Hounds official Tumblr page
Weed Hounds on Myspace
BUY the brand new 7″ directly from Iron Pier Records

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