Girlfriends – Gov’t Seizure 7″

Hailing from the beautiful Boston, Massachusetts comes the trashy, three-piece surf-rock band GIRLFRIENDS. Their debut 7″ single was just released yesterday (July 1st) on the Aurora7 label, and now they’re setting out on quite a long trek across the United States in order to promote their fantastic new 7″. They’ve got dates lined up from now until about halfway through August, so chances are Girlfriends are playing a show in your town. You probably won’t want to miss this one either – they’ll be in Philadelphia on July 3rd, so hopefully I can make it out to the show. For those of you who won’t be able to make the show, that’s why I am here today, and I am glad to be introducing this band. Their new 7″ is just six minutes of twangy, hectic garage rock that also takes a shot at the surf rock sound, but either way this little gem is sure to get stuck on repeat.

The 7″ kicks off on the A-side with the self-titled track “Gov’t Seizure”, and right off the bat you’re already thrown into the midst of a gritty guitar hook attack. The relentless guitars keep at it for awhile before a nasty guitar solo about halfway through, and then they slow/quiet things down about 3/4 of the way through until they ride the rest of the song out into a huge, head spinning finish. Next would come the B-side track called “Creep Stuff”, and the pounding drums and guitar kind of give it a menacing sound in the beginning. They have a bluesy-sounding breakdown just before the halfway mark, and then they suddenly speed things up, only to slow them down again pretty quickly. Still curious? Listen and find out for yourself right below! Why not buy their 7″ while you’re at it? It’s only $6!

Gov’t Seizure –

Creep Stuff –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Surf Rock
Gov’t Seizure 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Gov’t Seizure
2.) Creep Stuff

Girlfriends Official Website!
Girlfriends on Myspace
BUY their 7″ directly from Aurora7 Records – it’s cheap!
Check out tons of free downloads on the Girlfriends page

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