Twitter, Facebook,…Join the fun!!?

Hey, what’s up? I didn’t really have anything to post today, so instead of something new today I’m going to suggest that you join all of our groups and follow us on our Twitter page! First comes our Facebook group page, so if you’re a Facebook user you should definitely join up – the Styrofoam Drone on Facebook! Next we have our lovely group over at, which would be a great place for everybody to meet and discuss new music and the like, but the sad truth is nobody really uses it. If you’re interested you can join that group right here – the Styrofoam Drone on! Last but not least would be our Twitter account, which has slowly but surely been seeing new followers, but there could still be a whooooole lot more. Every time there’s a new a post or update here on the blog, you can be sure the Twitter account will keep you up to date – follow us on Twitter! So now that you’ve gotten more than enough of your daily dosage of social networking, you can get on with the things that actually matter in your day!

For the people who don’t want to read what’s above – Join/follow/subscribe to these groups:

Why not check out our upcoming shows while you’re at it? – Shows: PPF

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