Wounded Lion – Wounded Lion

Here is the first release to be put out by the band WOUNDED LION. They released another 7″ record as well, and you can check that one out right here. Sadly, both of those 7-inchers are now out of print, but the good news is that Wounded Lion recently released their first full-length record from In the Red Records, and it came out back on April 27th. The LP is a fantastic debut release for the band, and it sets them on the right path for things to come down the road. They tackle the garage rock sound with flying colors, and they do it with their own little sense of humor that I found to be just fantastic. Parts of the album get noisy (Carol Cloud, Silver People), other parts get goofy, and they manage to stick to their own formula throughout the entire record (various crafty guitar hooks and riffs). They don’t hesitate to throw in their knowledge of obscure Star Wars references either! How awesome! That’s certainly not something you see everyday in music; a Star Wars reference. Touche, Wounded Lion!

The record kicks off on the first track “Hungry?”, and I’m not quite sure what they’re curious about in this one, but a playful and friendly opening track nonetheless. This one sort of sets the tone for the rest of the songs to come. Following up would be one of their 7-inch songs, “Creatures in the Cave”, and it’s a nice little gem packed with some chicken-scratch guitar work towards the middle, and they ride it out all the way until the song comes to an end. The scratchy, distorted guitars you hear in this one dominate the rest of the record, especially this track. Next up comes the hilarious track “Dagobah System”, which is definitely an obscure Star Wars reference. The planet Dagobah is where the master Jedi Yoda resides, and Luke Skywalker is sent there to complete his training as a Jedi. In the movies, you see all sorts of crazy aliens and creatures in the swampy mudlands of Dagobah, and Wounded Lion don’t waste any time referencing these crazy creatures. Lead singer Brad warns us to look out for “crazy shit” and “people with asses for faces”. They don’t hesitate to be a bit silly in this song, and certainly throughout the entire album.

Skipping ahead to “Carol Cloud”, this song is yet again full of crafty guitar hooks that dominate the album from beginning to end, and chances are these hooks are what’s going to keep you coming back for more. This one gets a bit noisy towards the middle as the relentless guitars crunch and scratch their way through to the end. Skipping ahead to the track “Pony People”, they whip out the keyboards for this one, and they certainly don’t forget to bring along their humorous attitude, talking about centaurs and the asses of horses. Skipping ahead to the track “Silver People”, they tend to get a bit noisy again in this one. Once again dominated by catchy guitar hooks, a bit past the middle of the song they tear shit up with more scratchy guitar work, as they continue to reference Coors Light throughout the entire song. This song seamlessly moves into the next track “Omar Walk”, and while we don’t know exactly what an “Omar Walk” is, they still continue to rock out and bring forth the noise. This one gets crazy at the end.

Last but certainly not least on the album is the track “Crunchy Stars”, and it’s a great title for a track based on the sounds of this record. A heavenly lead guitar guides us through on this one, with a nice little guitar solo being introduced by lead singer Brad as he yelps out “guitar!” Shortly after the song comes to an end, it leaves you wondering where this band might go next. Definitely a solid, valiant effort from our friends Wounded Lion, and hopefully we can look forward to something bigger and better from them down the road. While humor is almost always a good thing, sometimes it can be a bit overbearing (and that’s probably why some people won’t like this record), so we’ll see where LP #2 takes us. Did I mention these guys remind me of Camursi? Thanks for coming by, and have a fantastic day.

Creatures in the Cave –

Dagobah System –

Carol Cloud –

Crunchy Stars –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Wounded Lion: Tracklist:
1.) Hungry?
2.) Creatures in the Cave
3.) Dagobah System
4.) Hunan Province
5.) Carol Cloud
6.) Hangin in Ancient Circles
7.) Belt of Orion
8.) Pony People
9.) Black Socks
10.) Silver People
11.) Omar Walk
12.) Crunchy Stars

Wounded Lion on Myspace
Wounded Lion on In the Red Records
BUY the Wounded Lion LP/CD directly from Midheaven Mailorder
BUY the Friendly 7″ directly from Midheaven Mailorder

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