Girls Names – Girls Names EP

This is pretty interesting. The band Girls Names formed in January of 2009, and they had their first gig booked before ever playing a show together. How do you even book a gig without any music to show for it? That’s what I want to know. Does that mean they hadn’t practiced at all either? If so then that’s pretty awesome, but at this point Girls Names are way beyond that. Having been a band for over a year now, Girls Names hail from Belfast in Northern Ireland, the capital and largest city in Ireland. Up until this point they have released a mini-album on Tough Love Records, a cassette tape split with the band Heavy Hawaii on Cass/Flick, and last but not least the 12″ EP put out by Captured Tracks. The Captured Tracks EP features 4 original tracks from the band, and it clocks it at just over 10 minutes of noisy, strung out, reverb drenched guitar driven garage/surf rock.

At times when listening to this short EP, the band Crystal Stilts would come to mind. I think that would mainly be due to the droned out, howling vocals of lead singer Cathal, and also because of that primitive and simple-but-complex drumming style of drummer Neil (I couldn’t figure out their last names). The second track on the EP, “Warm Hands, Cold Heart”, is a great example of this. Lead singer Cathal hangs over the mix while the frantic drums and urgent guitars push the song almost into surf-rock territory. The first track “I Guess” also takes a stroll into the surf-rock side of things.

Moving onto the last track on the EP, “Graveyard” starts out with some welcoming guitars, and again this track goes deep into the surf rock side of things as the guitars almost become a quick Hawaiian dance jig as they switch it up a bit past the midway point of the song. One thing that is certain is that a graveyard will never evoke the same feeling that this song does. If yr interested, you can check out two of those four songs right here. If these aren’t enough for you, shoot on over to their Myspace where you can check out a bunch more of their songs. That’s all for today!

Warm Hands, Cold Heart –

Graveyard –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Surf Rock, Noise Rock
Girls Names EP: Tracklist
1.) I Guess
2.) Warm Hands, Cold Heart
3.) Don’t Let Me In
4.) Graveyard

Girls Names on Myspace
Girls Names Official Blogspot
BUY the 12″ EP directly from Captured Tracks

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